2013 Flood

The Thompson River flood

On September 12th-13th, 2013 the Loveland area began to take on more water than it could handle from heavy, steady rains and runoff. The Big Thompson River swelled to over-top its banks in many areas along the Big Thompson Canyon, Larimer County’s lands, and into the City of Loveland. This flooding caused many highways, roads, parks, natural areas and open spaces to close due to the high waters rising. The City of Loveland was split in two by the Big Thompson River.

Find out more information about general flood information HERE and the City of Loveland’s Parks and Rec slideshow HERE.

Riverview RV Park experienced a heavy loss from this flood. 2 of our elite cabins were swept away and we lost over 100 sites. The rebuilding process is still taking place and we are working hard to make our grounds a happy and better place for our customers to experience and enjoy.